Our Kids. Our Planet.

Our Mission

To support youth-focused, environmental organizations committed to the personal development, achievement and wellness of underprivileged urban children through our annual 1% For the Planet membership contribution.

Back Story

Far too many of our kids and the schools they attend are in severe neglect. Not just neglect, they are in danger. Critically underfinanced school districts throughout the U.S. continue to experience the pain of this crisis. This pain is experienced in the form of budgets cuts resulting in classrooms without supplies as basic as paper. It’s experienced as student illiteracy, dropouts and resulting deadly street violence which all play out in a continuing vicious cycle.

Fortunately, the news is not all bad. In fact, the gears for great improvement and success are already set in motion.

For this reason, we created a program we proudly named ‘Our Kids. Our Planet.’

By establishing Our Kids. Our Planet. we saw an excellent opportunity for Oliveri and Company to focus our annual 1% FTP contributions on the causes which are very close to our hearts and in need of our support.


As a member of 1% for the Planet , Oliveri and Company has made the decision to direct its annual 1% FTP contributions specifically to five youth-focused, environmental organizations (all recognized by 1% FTP) committed to the personal development, achievement, and wellness of underprivileged urban school children located throughout the U.S.

If you are an educator or a parent volunteer we want you to know that choosing Oliveri and Company as your one-stop solution for quality, value-based, customized apparel and uniforms, school promotional products and fundraising support services is only half the story.

If you are a business we want you to know every print project we do with you firm throughout the year plays a big part in helping so many of these deserving kids.


We are honored to support these noble organizations recognized by 1% For The Planet:

City Wild, www.citywild.org

Slide Ranch, www.slideranch.org

Wellness in the Schools, www.wellnessintheschools.org

Ocean Discovery Institute, www.oceandiscoveryinstitute.org

Each of these five organizations has their own unique programs and approach. They all, however, embody several ideals which we believe deserve our support.

These include:
– Reconnecting (or introducing children for the first time) to the natural world.
– Educational programs which are fun, empowering, and self-esteem building.
– Developing leadership skills and problem solving skills to last a lifetime.

For more information please call 415.584.8984

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